Bellinger Boys Bringin It On The Diamond…

Hamilton's Cole Bellinger (8) throws against Pinnacle during the 6A high school baseball state championship in Tempe, Ariz. May 16, 2017.The Bellingers have become the  “First Family” for Arizona baseball. Former Hamilton Husky outfielder Cody Bellinger is the early leader for National League Rookie of the Year. He’s torn the cover off the baseball since being called up by the Dodgers last month. 


Cole Bellinger was on the mound earlier this week when Hamilton won the 6A baseball championship over Pinnacle. His career appears to be on the same path as his big brother. 

The Bellinger boys father is former major leaguer Clay Bellinger. He’s a fire fighter here in the Valley. Jennifer Bellinger is the mother in this cool story. How has she handled the last month with her sons crushing it ? I asked her to come on the show for a few minuets to share the details.