Miller, Christakos Bonded By More Than Football

Chaparral High School rising stars Tommy Christakos and Jack Miller first crossed paths as sixth-graders in north Scottsdale. The two were connected by a mutual friend and decided to “break the ice” with one another because of one common trait: their height.


“I was looking at him, he was looking at me,” wide receiver and kicker Christakos said to “I was like, ‘do I want to be friends with this kid?’ We’re both not averaged-sized. I said, ‘dude, do you want to be friends?’ He said, ‘oh yeah, sure.'”

Miller remembers the moment at Scottsdale Quarter Shopping Center vividly. 

“We were in sixth grade,” the mega-talented 2020 quarterback explained to with wry grin. “I said, ‘hey, that guy’s pretty big. He’s like me, he’s my size.’ We just kicked it off from there and became really good friends.”

The duo first got a feel for one another as teammates this spring after Miller transferred to Chaparral after a breakout season last fall at Scottsdale Christian Academy where he tallied close to 4500 total yards and 61 touchdowns. Now both are excelling on and off the field for the Firebirds.

“They take pride in what they do,” head coach Thomas Lewis said to “They’re both dedicated to the game. They’re constantly working, constantly honing their craft making sure they’re accountable and holding their teammates accountable.”

Near mirror images of one another physically (Christakos is listed a 6-foot-3, 185 pounds, Miller 6-foot-3, 199 pounds) the two keep their competitive spirit with one another off the field, as well.

“We like to golf,” Miller said.

Who’s the better golfer?

“Me,” he quipped without hesitation. “Much better.”

As close as the two are, Christakos said he never pressured his friend to transfer to Chap Town, instead insisting to leave Miller’s next chapter on the field and in the classroom for him to decide.

“I was pretty honest with him,” classmate Christakos recalled. “I said, ‘I want what’s best for you…I’m going to let you make the decision. It’s 100 percent up to you.’ He’s a great person.”

Now the two are focused on turning Chaparral back into their usual east Valley power after a rare losing season in 2016.

With Christkos and Miller, the future is big…and bright for the ‘Birds.