Update- Hamilton Players Transferring? Belles Reassigned

While most of the Valleys eyes were on North Carolina playing Gonzaga in Glendale, a significant development happened on Monday in the Hamilton football hazing story.
Longtime Husky head coach Steve Belles was reassigned by the Chandler Unified School District. For now he won’t be on the school’s campus. It doesn’t mean that Belles won’t return as head coach, though there are certainly some who doubt that he will.
It’s been brought to my attention that there are more than a few football parents who are considering transferring their sons out of the Hamilton program because of Belles’ status being up in the air and the entire hazing episode. Most parents have looked into driving down Arizona Avenue to Chandler high school.

I don’t see how the AIA would give these parents a hardship waiver, so their sons would have to sit out the first five games. Last time I checked, Wolves head coach Shaun Aguano already has a loaded roster, though I am sure he wouldn’t say ‘no’ to anyone who walked through the door.
I’ve heard that most of the upcoming senior class is knocking on doors at other schools. That’s too bad. Sometimes you face adversity head on, rather than running down the street.