Hey Robert, You Missed the Playoffs Again!!!

Arizona Sports News online

While Robert Sarver’s investment in buying the Suns keeps on delivering HUGE $$$ for he and his partners, the team continues to miss the playoffs.

Which is more important, winning or making money?
In case you missed it (based on TV ratings and attendance, you probably did) the Suns failed to make the playoffs for the 7th consecutive season. Our hometown heroes wrapped up another stellar season of taking the pipe on Tuesday night, posting a convincing 25-point loss at Sacramento to finish the year with a 24-58 record.
General Manager Ryan McDonough was quoted in the Arizona Republic with this little gem.”Obviously our record is a little bit disappointing, given the expectations we started the year with.”

May 29th, 2010. The last playoff game for the Phoenix Suns. They now own the third longest playoff drought in the NBA, only behind the Kings and Minnesota.
In 2004, Sarver bought the Suns for a $401 million. He said this, the day he purchased the team.
“I’m very competitive. I try to win at everything I do. One thing I can commit to everybody here is that I will put everything I’ve got to try to make this team something that the city of Phoenix can be proud of and to build on the legacy that Jerry created.”

Forbes put a value on the Suns in February of this year at $1.2 Billion dollars. Do the math, see the playoff record(there is none over the last 7 years)

What is the priority of this owner?

It’s not too hard to see.