Cardinals Selection Budda Baker Fights For Mother

(Photo courtesy: Oregon Live)

Budda Baker plays like a man on fire.

Even though he is at 5-foot-9, he is a missile, making hits and breaking up passes for the Washington Huskies the pat three years.

He racked up 199 tackles and five interceptions in three years along with consensus All-American honors his junior year, where he helped the Washington Huskies win the Pac-12 reach the College Football Playoff

He might play with a little extra fight than most, and that fight comes from his mother, who has battled cancer, Chron’s disease and Diabetes over the years.

“For me, I feel anger within her,” the Cardinals second round selection said. “I always hear people about how it’s hard or like running these gassers are hard, and then I think about my mom and how she doctors appointments everyday and is getting stuck with IVs, taking certain pills everyday. When people say that, that makes me mad because I feel like all that stuff is easy, but when you’re in the hospital constantly, that’s hard.”

Baker was with his mother when he was selected by the Cardinals, and she “was definitely crying.”

The newest Cardinal is happy to stay on the West coast and close to his mother.

“She’s a rock in the family, a foundation. She makes everything tick.”