We Win Again! Bring on the Final Four

We win AGAIN!
Super Bowls, College Football Title games, World Series, All-Star Games, and now a Final Four in our little slice of heaven.

C8MIDjnVoAAD7FSTo me the NCAA Basketball tournament IS the best of the mega-sporting events to attend. I’ve been as a fan and a journalist. I will do some of both this weekend.
Gonzaga, Oregon, and South Carolina fans have no idea what type of ride they are in for between now and Monday night. They’ve never been this close to a college basketball championship. So the fandom is going to be off the charts.The energy and enthusiasm will be unlike anyone of the previous mega events that we’ve hosted.

You’ve got to win TWO games in 48 hours while in Phoenix to take home the title. In my mind that’s part of the charm of the Final Four. Sure, the national and world-wide attention won’t be on the Valley for this group of teams. This won’t rate as high as a Super Bowl(nothing else does).
Let’s face it, outside of the powder blue North Carolina uniforms, the rest of the field is basically unknown to the person who doesn’t watch much college basketball. Mass appeal, this is not.
There won’t be household names this weekend, but that doesn’t matter to me. I’ve seen enough of Dillon Brooks at Oregon to know he’s one of the best players in the game. I’ve admired Nigel-Williams GossC8MJvU9VoAAhEb1 running the show for Gonzaga. Justin Jackson has been a beast for North Carolina over the last three weeks. South Carolina has a head coach that couldn’t win at Kansas State, but has captured the hearts and minds of a school better known for football than basketball at South Carolina.

Media personality Brad Cesmat first rose to fame in Southern California with the launching of "The Mighty 690" all-sports radio station in the late 1980's and early 90's. Brad came to Arizona in 1993 to begin a 10-year run at KTAR Radio followed by nine years at KTVK-TV in Phoenix. Brad is the Founder/ CEO of Sports360AZ.com. His vision of multi platform content marketing through sports began in September of 2011. Cesmat has served on the Advisory Board for the Salvation Army for the last 18 years. He and his wife Chris have four children.