Sports Pop Culture-Cast: “The Office” Basketball Episode, Pop Culture Current Events

What is the Sports Pop Culture-Cast?

On the Sports Pop Culture-Cast, Sarah Kezele, Robby Baker and Jordan Hamm go over anything sports pop culture. They start things off with the latest current events in the sports world with a pop culture twist. The gang also goes over various pieces of sports pop culture they have consumed over the past few weeks and break down what makes them stand out. Whether it’s movies, TV, podcasts, written posts or oral histories, if it’s sports and it’s pop culture, this trio of journalists want to talk about it.

On this episode:

In the premiere episode of the Sports Pop Culture-Cast, the gang introduces the concept of pop culture current events and makes their pitches to the audience. Robby turned the Demarcus Cousins trade into a four-part miniseries with Sacha Baron Cohen as a lead. Sarah turned Bobby Knight into a boy-wizard to help explain the infamous “chair toss.” Jordan turns what happened just outside of Super Bowl into a thriller that rivals the intensity of what happened inside the stadium. Confused? Take a listen and it will make sense (sort of).

In the review portion of the Sports Pop Culture-Cast, the gang covers multiple pieces of content. Sarah reviews the infamous basketball episode of “The Office” and the gang determines their Office basketball 3-on-3 super team. This group of journalists goes into uncharted territory (AKA math) to break down Robby’s selection of HBO Sports’ profile on Baltimore Ravens offensive lineman and mathematician (and genius) John Urschel. Finally, Jordan reviews the Jonah Keri Podcast episode featuring Bill Walton. From Walton’s stories about health scares, riding his bike, what he spent with his first NBA paycheck and some out of the box presents when Luke Walton was born, that hour of discussion gives an inside look into the mind, heart and soul of one of the most colorful personalities in sports.

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