March Basketball Belongs to the College Game

Lonzo Ball LaVar Ball Suns

Watch a NCAA basketball game in March and then watch pro basketball in the same month. It’s a different world, a different game. These are the ‘dog days’ of the NBA. The playoffs are still not within reach and many of the star players are resting up(just watch Saturday Night NBA games). The level of hustle and intensity isn’t anything special. Lebron James sits out games, Lonzo Ball doesn’t. Lebron can have a plus-minus of -30 in 34 minutes Wednesday night in Denver and it’s not a big deal. Get on a plane and get to the next city. Players sit out games with fans putting down their hard-earned money, just to see a backup? Not the players problem, they’ve gotta get ready for the playoffs.

Meantime, in college we see 18-22 year olds diving for loose balls and rebounds. We see players linking arms together on the bench in support of their teammates trying to survive and advance. Fans are decked out in their school colors and the band is rocking. There is no on-off switch in the college game. Watch Ball, Markkanen, Williams-Goss, Brooks, Fox, Hayes, Mason 111, Jackson, etc this weekend and you’ll see the future NBA players, but from my view you’ll see a much more enjoyable product than what we are seeing here in March at the next level. The NBA product from late April through June is terrific. I am pointing out that this time of year, the College game is EASILY more enjoyable and a better fan experience. At least you know that the stars ARE going to play in the college game.

Commissioner Adam Silver should just give the NBA a five-day break each March on the opening weekend of the NCAA Tourney. Seriously. Put the full attention on the college game. Give your work-force a mini-break. It sounds like they need the time-off…