ACU Building Team Around Faith

By Liam Morales

With a 2015 Central States Football League Championship under their belt, the Arizona Christian University football program added 42 new young prospects to their roster.

“This class has a lot of outstanding athletes that we think can add to what we’ve already built,” Head coach Jeff Bowen told

Defensive Coordinator Grant O’Brien says he sees a special group of talent coming in from the state of Arizona. “Because we are an in-state institution, they can train with us all summer long and we’ve got a good chance to come in and compete right away.”

What seemed to draw these players to ACU was the teaching of faith. “Something other than the materialistic drew me in,” Wide receiver Trey Anderson said. “It was really like a spiritual connection that I felt, like someone was telling me I needed to be here.”

That spiritual connection was felt by more than just Anderson, when “athlete” Alvin Diamond was asked about what he’s most excited for coming to ACU he said, “the fact that they actually focus on the spiritual aspect, which is something I need to grow in myself, is really big for me.”

I spoke with a few of the incoming student-athletes and asked what they believed they’d bring to the program.

Quarterback, Maverick Gamez: “A big arm, accuracy, mobility but most importantly leadership.”

Quarterback, Kyle Swann: “Arm strength, leadership and I’m really smart out the gate.”

Safety, Josh Chadwick: “A tighter bond, motivation, work ethic and a winning mentality.”

Wide Receiver, Trey Anderson: “Hard work and the willingness to do whatever it takes to win.”

Athlete Alvin Diamond: “Explosiveness, illusiveness, high IQ athlete that can help not only myself but the coaching staff and the team.”

Defensive Tackle, Tharon Hill: “A good work ethic and competiveness.”

Fullback, Dylan Johnson: “Hopefully a bunch of wins, growing faith in God and more rings.”

Linebacker, Josh Moyer: “Faith; I love God and always do everything for him. Talent, I’ll be making plays.”

As ACU heads into a season built around faith they believe they have the assets to help strive for their main goal; another championship.