Holiday Hoops- Visit-Mesa Teams and Start Times

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Visit Mesa at Mesa Mtn. View high school

Tuesday, December 27

10:00am- Sunnyslope @ Desert Ridge
11:30am- Chaparral @ Copper Hills
1:00pm- St. Mary’s @ Red Mountain
2:30pm- Perry @ King’s
4:00pm- Serra @ Mountain Ridge
5:30pm- Salpointe @ Alta Utah
7:00pm- Basha @ Mountain View
8:30pm- Apollo @ Corona

Thursday, December 29

10:00am- Copper Hills @ St. Mary’s
11:30am- King’s @ Desert Ridge
1:00pm- Chaparral @ Red Mountain
2:30pm- Perry @ Sunnyslope
4:00pm- Basha @ Salpointe
5:30pm- Apollo @ Serra
7:00pm- Alta @ Mountain View
8:30pm- Mountain Ridge @ Corona

Wednesday, December 28

10:00am- Alta Utah @ Basha
11:30am- Mountain Ridge @ Apollo
1:00pm- Mountain View @ Salpointe
2:30pm- Corona @ Serra
4:00pm- St. Mary’s @ Chaparral
5:30pm- King’s @ Sunnyslope
7:00pm- Red Mountain @ Copper Hills
8:30pm- Desert Ridge @ Perry

Friday, December 30

10:00am- Serra
11:30am- TBD
1:00pm- TBD
2:30pm- TBD
4:00pm- TBD
5:30pm- TBD
7:00pm- TBD
8:30pm- TBD

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