Sports Needs More Kettle Jumping

Arizona Sports News online

imagesEzekiel Elliot jumping into the Salvation Army Kettle has to go down as one of the best celebrations I’ve seen. Full disclosure, I am on the Advisory Board for the Army here in Phoenix, so any exposure for “The Kettle” is welcomed. I did get some notes from fans ripping on the officials for throwing a flag on the play for celebration. You have to understand that the refs were just doing their jobs. If it’s in the rulebook and they don’t call it, they get a lesser grade. This is about the NFL continuing to be known as the No Fun League.

Sports is supposed to be an escape from the daily pressures in life. Fans have bills to pay, mortgages to meet, and life issues. Throwing  a flag on a player jumping into a barrel after a touchdown is something that will make most everyone smile. It shouldn’t be something that is frowned upon by the powers that be in the NFL offices. For every Larry Fitzgerald tossing the ball back to the ref, there should be a Joe Horn hiding a sharpie or Zeke Elliot jumping into a red kettle. More fun, less regulation is needed when it comes to the NFL.