MDN Kicker Krysten Muir Reconnects With Gridiron Inspiration

Every athlete has that one person that helped them get into sports. Whether it be an actual athlete or family member who shared their love for the game, there is usually someone who provided that “spark.”

For Marcos de Niza kicker Krysten Muir, her dad, Jeremy, helped her fall in love with football. She was glued to his side while he coached at the high school level in Nevada when she was a child.

But it was McKenzie Karas who showed Muir she could play football.

Karas was the kicker on Jeremy’s high school team and first planted the seed in Krysten’s to pursue the gridiron.

This November, Muir ended her high school career with Marcos de Niza with 113 points in two seasons, converting 90% of her PATs and was the first girl to score a point in an Arizona state championship. In the process, she was recognized by local and national media outlets, as well as an Olympian with Valley ties.

During Krysten’s high school career, the two would text and Karas provided guidance and support for things on and off the field. The two were able to meet, and train, while the Muir family was in Nevada for the holidays.

Krysten’s mother (turned intrepid reporter), Kathy, caught up with the girls after training.

Karas played soccer at the University of Washington and is moving to London to play for Reddich United. She will have a visitor this summer when Krysten comes to visit her before heading off to college. Krysten is still undecided on her future plans but hopes to play football and soccer at the next level.