“Some Athletes” Reside in Chandler Backfield

Chandler was supposed to have a potent running game this season.

TJ Green is coming off a breakout junior year, where he scored 17 rushing touchdowns while sharing carries with All-American Chase Lucas, and was set to be the premier guy in 2016.

But this good?

The Oregon State commit surpassed his 2015 total after seven games his senior year.

And that’s just Green.

Ryan Johnson, the speedy athlete, who Green admits is faster than him, transferred in from Michigan. The first-year senior Wolf has that “lightning in a bottle” effect. Johnson has seven total touchdowns in 2016 in five games.

Johnson describes himself as “fast, explosive, don’t go down easy and (he) runs to score.” Green keeps it simple.

“We’re some athletes,” he said, through a grin.

Making a transition from a new state can be difficult as is, but adjusting to a different style of play can add to that. Johnson said most teams in Michigan were power-run heavy, while speed is more prominent in Arizona high schools.

“It’s been a little difficult,” Johnson said. “Sometimes the formations get a little confusing, but I’ve got it now and I’m out making big plays.”

Green has been there to help his fellow running back along the way.

“We definitely talk all the time about alignment, responsibilities,” Green said. “He’s new to it, and I have to preach it to him.”

Green, the man who perfectly summed up this duo as “some athletes”, has another straightforward plan to help the 6-2 Wolves make their move come playoff time.

“We just need to stay on our p’s and q’s, stay physical, stay fast, and we’ll get that ring.”

Seems like Chandler is sticking to the plan.

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