Run, Dante, Run: Well-Conditioned Blissit Setting (Desert) Edge

Dante Blissit fits the mold of the Desert Edge football program. On the field, he is as imposing as can be. The 6-foot-1, 230-pound edge rush with a scorpion stinger branded on the side of his helmet hits his opponents hard and on a very consistent basis. But when the final whistle blows, Blissit is all smiles.

The senior defensive end saw plenty of varsity action last year, but something just….clicked on November 28, 2015. That just so happened to be the Division III state championship, where Blissit had four sacks. He had five and a half going into that game.

That sparked his senior year, where he has 14 sacks in five games, and the Scorpions remain a perfect 5-0. One cause for the quick start has been Blissit’s offseason. He said his father, who has his own football background, helped him train. Blissit ran. A LOT. With his father and mother, who ran track, Blissit has the athletic bloodlines.

He put the work in in the offseason. Now, both he and the Scorpions are reaping the benefits.