Padre Pride: MDN Community Continues To Embrace Kicker Muir

It’s not a surprise to see Krysten Muir on the football field.

The Marcos de Niza kicker caught the attention of local and national publications, including this one, for her accomplishments as a varsity kicker who broke out onto the scene her junior year.

This year, as a senior, she might stick out on the sideline with her ponytail popping out of the back of her helmet, but she is a Marcos de Niza Padre football player. Not a girl, not a headline, but a kicker who puts up points – the most points among kickers in her section last year, to be exact.

Throughout Muir’s journey, the Marcos de Niza community has supported her, whether it be her teammates, fans, coaches, classmates. On Friday night, Muir won homecoming queen, another example of the recognition and support she has received from the Padre community. At the school’s homecoming assembly, 2016 Olympic silver medalist Sam Dorman, a Marcos de Niza alumnus, approached Muir and asked for a photo with the football player he had heard so much about.

This story isn’t about Muir winning homecoming queen. A football player winning homecoming court happens all the time.

No, this story is about Friday night, when the Marcos de Niza community — past, present and future — yet again provided love, support and a whole lot of cheers for their kicker.