Fabiano’s Fantasy Focus: Week 2, Volume II

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Every week during the season NFL Network and NFL.com Senior Fantasy Analyst Michael Fabiano joins Sports360AZ.com’s Brad Cesmat to share his insight on building and developing your fantasy team for success.

Here are some hi-lights from our most recent conversation (September 13th) with the Fantasy Sports Writer’s Association Hall of Famer.

With Keenan Allen out in San Diego, who gets the targets from Philip Rivers? “I don’t know if it’s one player. I really don’t. You remember they lost Stevie Johnson weeks ago. So now you’re looking at Tyrell Williams. You’re looking at Travis Benjamin. Of course, if he’s available on the waiver wire you’re going to pick him up. You’re looking at Dontrelle Inman. Danny Woodhead may get more targets. Antonio Gates may get more targets…but it’s not going to be a situation where, ‘Oh, Keenan Allen is out. His 12 targets a game are now going to go to this player or to this player.’ There’s not a lot of experience behind Travis Benjamin on that depth chart. You’re throwing darts.”

Is now the time to shop Spencer Ware in Kansas City? “We had a production meeting and there was talk, ‘do you sell high on Spencer Ware?’ Anyone that knows what’s going on in the league is going to know that this is a guy that’s maybe going to give you another week or two before Jamaal Charles comes back. Even if you get into a situation in Kansas City where it’s a committee, it’s still going to be a committee that’s led by Charles so Ware isn’t going to come in and take that job. So, if you can sell him, I’d do it. But again, if you’re in a league where people know what’s going on, you’re probably not going to get too much for him. I know he’s got a match up this week against the Texans but he’s no worse than a flex starter.”

Is Coby Fleener worth a roster spot? “Yes. Again, [Week 1] was a poor week but it was one week. I give him probably about three or four weeks of rope and at that point, if we don’t see some production then it’s time to bail. On a positive note, he’s got a really good matchup coming up against the Giants. The Giants, typically over the last year plus, have been a good matchup for opposing tight ends. Jason Witten had a very good game in Week 1 so I’m not quitting on Fleener just yet.”

Another big game last week for Larry Fitzgerald. Keep him in my lineup against Tampa Bay? “Larry Fitzgerald, who the fantasy community continues to overlook. This includes myself. He goes out and scores two touchdowns last week. Tampa Bay’s pass defense didn’t look good last week against Julio Jones or Muhammed Sanu so Fitz is an option.”

Should Golden Tate be my flex play this week instead of Edelman and Landry? “No, not this week. Edelman has really done well against Miami over the last couple years and Landry has done really well against the Patriots, especially in PPR leagues. He’s averaged 10 targets a game in his last three so no, Golden Tate should be back on your bench. He had a good week last week from a receptions standpoint (seven catches) but he didn’t really do anything with those catches. His yardage was very mimimal (41 yards). Typically Edelman and Landry will be playing ahead of Golden Tate most weeks.”

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