Episode No. 14: The Ryan Roberts Episode

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It is episode fourteen of the Dry Heat Check Podcast with Jared Cohen and Greg Esposito, also known as the Ryan Roberts Episode after one of the most unexpected fan favorites, better known as ‘Tat-Man,” in the history the the Arizona Diamondbacks.

On the show, the Cardinals have fallen to 1-2 on the season after an extremely disappointing performance against the Buffalo Bills. Espo takes a different approach to analyzing the first weeks of the season. Plus, could things get any worse if the Cardinals fall to the Rams this weekend?

Goalie Louis Doming of the Arizona Coyotes showed his AZ pride by having sketches of Randy Johnson, Sean Burke, Larry Fitzgerald and Steven Nash put on the sides of his goalie mask. The guys in true Dry Heat Check fashion picked the four obscure players they would have on their mask.

And in this week’s Airing of Grievances, Jared takes issue with an aspect of Pop culture while Espo express distrust about action taken against a local high school soccer team.

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