#BallView: Westview’s Vasko Putting it All on the Line as Senior

Despite the change surrounding the Westview Knights with Nick Gehrts taking over as the new head coach, a very talented senior class remained the constant and has been key for the solid start for the Knights thus far in 2016.

Leading the way for this core group of seniors for Westview is running back Tyler Vasko who was a monster as a junior in 2015 rushing for over 2,000 yards and 22 touchdowns. Vasko has picked right up where he left of in 2016 with well over 800 yards rushing and touchdowns now half way through the season.

But when you talk about Vasko, it’s never about him. It’s about his fellow running backs, it’s about his offensive line and about his teammates and coaching staff. It’s a leadership quality that he knew his team needed with him going into his senior year.

“I knew it was a big responsibility,” Vasko told Sports360AZ. “We had to come out, we knew people were gunning for me, gunning for this team. This is a great team, great offense, great coaching staff. We come out, we battle and think we do what it takes.”

Under coach Coach Gehrts, Westview’s offense not gotten away from the Wing-T offense that has made them so successful under Coach Joe Parker and Coach Jeff Bowen before him for many years who I originally implemented it. When watching how the Knights operate offensively, it’s so easy to lose track of the ball. Vasko, now having run it for several years, knows all about what it takes to get this offense down.

“It’s a lot of prep,” mentioned Vasko. “Coaches get us well prepped for it, offensive line does great blocking schemes and running backs run hard.”

Vasko isn’t just leading on the field, but off of it as well. Westview Athletic Director Tonya Lee has created a focus group of the leaders across all the school’s athletics who have come together to create a code of conduct while also getting out into the community for service and building spirit on campus. Vasko is one of the members representing the football team.

“We help out around the community,” explained Vasko. “We get the school hyped up for the games for every sport. It’s a great school, great atmosphere and I love Westview.”

Vasko and the Knights begin section play next week against Tolleson to begin the final stretch run of their 2016 season.