CESMAT-Drafting Teenagers Doesn’t Get Suns Back To Playoffs Soon Enough

Arizona Sports News online

May 29th, 2010. The date of the LAST playoff game the Suns played in.

Here’s the thing about the Suns and what they did on draft night. The message is very clear that they are building for the future(something that has been going on since 2010). Drafting teenagers sounds good/looks good. It’s easy to sell to fans who haven’t been to the playoffs in so long. I am not big on these two picks. It’s always easy on draft night to spin out that this is a steal. We simply don’t know. I’d rather take the path of the Knicks or Utah. Trade for veterans that can help you win sooner than later. The Suns have gone about drafting players for the future for many, many years and what do they have to show for it?

Here’s the thing.

Dragan Bender might be Jonathen Bender. He also might be a total steal.

Marquese Chriss might be Amar’e or Shawn Kemp. He also might be Kwame Brown(other than #1 overall pick). Chriss has only played basketball for a few years. Will he wake up one day not in-love with the sport when he turns 20? When you foul out of 15 of the 34 games you play in, that’s a problem. No question there’s upside.

I have to give Ryan McDonough credit for what he did on draft night. He was able to find a way to grab two bigs that he believes in. His future as general manager of the franchise is tied directly to the success or lack there-of out of these two. You can’t miss on two lottery picks in the same season. He likely bought himself another couple of years in Phoenix, because Sarver can’t possibly judge whether the front office “hit” or “missed” on these two players after just one season.

What am I to make out of this quote from McDonough?

“Embrace”? “Thrive”?

The owner wants a new building for his team. Having a team led by teenagers is an easy way to say, “trust us, we are grooming them for the future”.  This buys them more time to get the building part in place. Look, This may end up being Oklahoma City 2.0 or the Philadelphia 76ers 5.0. All I know is the last date of a Suns playoff GAME was May 29th, 2010.

All I want is for this once proud brand to be rebuilt with the proper pieces, top to bottom. They are a long ways from that, even after Thursday nights draft haul.