AZ Connections in the 2016 MLB Draft

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Below is the list of players selected in the 2016 MLB Draft who player college, junior college or high school ball in Arizona:

-Round 4, 107th overall: JoJo Romero, LHP, Yavapai College – Philadelphia Phillies

-Round 4, 118th overall: Bobby Dalbec, 3B, University of Arizona – Boston Red Sox

Round 5, 140th overall: Brian Serven, C, Arizona State – Colorado Rockies

Round 5, 160th overall: Colby Woodmansee, SS, Arizona State/Desert Vista HS – New York Mets

-Round 7, 216th overall: Jordan Zimmerman, INF, Michigan State/Red Mountan HS – Los Angeles Angels

-Round 7, 219th overall: Sam Huff, C, Arcadia High School – Texas Rangers

-Round 9, 279th overall: Hever Bueno, RHP, Arizona State/Westwood HS – Texas Rangers

-Round 10, 297th overall: David Greer, 3B, Arizona State/Desert Mountain HS – Seattle Mariners

-Round 10, 304th overall: Pau Panaccione, SS, Grand Canyon/Liberty HS – Washington Nationals

-Round 11, 318th overall: Joel Kuhnel, RHP, UT-Arlington/Sunrise Mountain HS – Cincinnati Reds

-Round 11, 321st overall: Chad McClanahan, 3B, Brophy Prep – Milwaukee Brewers

-Round 14, 407th overall: Darick Hall, 1B, Dallas Baptist/Buena HS – Philadelphia Phillies

-Round 17, 502nd overall: Seth Martinez, RHP, Arizona State/Sunrise Mountain HS – Oakland A’s

-Round 17, 516th overall: Zach Gibbons, OF, University of Arizona/Saguaro HS – Los Angeles Angels

-Round 19, 583rd overall: Tyler Fallwell, RHP, Cochise College/Palo Verde HS – Kansas City Royals

-Round 21, 629th overall: Cameron Cannon, SS, Mountain Ridge HS – Arizona Diamondbacks

-Round 23, 684th overall: Nate Easley, 2B, Yavapai College/O’Connor HS – San Diego Padres

-Round 23, 691st overall: Tyler Erwin, LHP, New Mexico State/Hamilton HS – Baltimore Orioles

-Round 25, 762nd overall: Casey Legumina, RHP, Basha HS – Toronto Blue Jays

-Round 26, 770th overall: Austin Moore, RHP, West Texas A&M/Marana Mountain View – Colorado Rockies

-Round 28, 837th overall: Nathan Bannister, RHP, University of Arizona/Liberty HS – Seattle Mariners

-Round 31, 933rd overall: Juan Gamez, C, North Dakota State/Cienega HS – Minnesota Twins

-Round 31, 936th overall: Johnny Morell, RHP, Basha HS – Los Angeles Angels

-Round 31, 940th overall: Jeremy Wolf, OF, Trinity University/Chaparral HS – New York Mets

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