Hornacek to Knicks could be Suns gain?

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I like the position that the Suns are in.

Not joking. The team has multiple draft picks, cap space, and Jeff Hornacek is coaching a team that needs help at the guard position. It all adds up. The question is can GM Ryan McDonough make something substantial happen in the next five weeks leading up to free agency?Ryan_McDonough_Draft_Suns

The Suns couldn’t figure out how to properly go about losing games late on the schedule and so rather than going through the season of torture to the fullest(how about those BIG wins in March over the Lakers or winning three of their last four meaningless games)they ended up with the fourth pick in the lottery. Just so we are clear, the fourth pick in the last five years has turned out to be a mixed bag(like most drafts). Kristaps Porzingis, Aaron Gordon, Dion Waiters, Tristan Thompson, and Wesley Johnson have been the last five players selected in the fourth spot of the draft. It’s no sure thing. I can tell you that NO MATTER who the Suns take on draft night we will hear “this is the player we wanted all along”. Fortunately McDonough found Devin Booker last June. Booker was just named to the NBA all-rookie team. The drafting of Booker alone doesn’t mean that McDonough is in the clear with his future as the GM of the team. I am not going to waste your time or mine going through the litany of missteps the organization has made in player personal and contracts with McDonough in the GM chair.

That leads me back to Hornacek and a path for the Suns to accelerate their way through the abyss that they presently exist. Trading Eric Bledsoe, Eric-Bledsoe_Suns_Contract_Basketballwho has three years left on his deal. Three knee surgeries is reason enough to attempt to move him. The window for New York to win while having Carmelo Anthony under contract(2 seasons left and then a player option) puts the Knicks in win-mode now. Of course, it comes down to what would the Knicks or other teams(3-way deals) have to put together to send Bledsoe on his way. The way he handled his business around the big contract that the Suns threw at him wasn’t palatable. I’d chalk that deal up to ANOTHER Lon Babby mistake, good thing Mr. Babby is finally out of the building. The Knicks do not have a first round draft pick this year and outside of Porzingis and Anthony their roster doesn’t have much to offer, but if Hornacek believes in Bledsoes game, then it would be in the Suns best interest to work on a deal to move him. New York COULD get a 20pt. per game guy. Ya know, “mini-Lebron” SMH. It would play better in New York than here in Phoenix. I just can’t count on Bledsoe to be the main cog in the Suns constant rebuilding. Your highest paid player can’t be a player who’s hurt more than healthy.