Brad Cesmat’s Baseball AZ: Town of Cave Creek

 “For all of those coming to Arizona for spring training and need a little break between the balls and strikes, come to my town if you want the real Western experience,” said Cave Creek Mayor Vincent Francia.
Spring training visitors don’t have to go far to get that Western experience.
“If you’re coming from Scottsdale or the west from the Glendale area, you’re within 30 minutes of Cave Creek,” Francia said. “There are many places in the area that visitors are going to want to visit and everything is contained to what is called the historic core.”
The historic core includes long-standing restaurants, art galleries and places containing that Old West spirit.
“Frontier Town was first of the establishments to be built to celebrate that type of heritage way back in the 1970s,” Francia said. “It’s pure Western and they’re going to get a variety of things that have to do with the Old West that they can participate in or buy.”
Exploring the Cave Creek outdoors is another option visitors can enjoy during their spring training trip.
“If you want to get to know the Sonoran Desert, we have over almost a mile of trails and you can hike and horseback,” Francia said.
A unique experience Francia said you definitely don’t want to miss when you come to Arizona.
“Cave Creek has changed very little,” Francia said. “When I first came here in 1978, historic core was here and all the Western heritage and now here we’re in 2016 and it’s still very much the same, we still celebrate our Western tradition.
“So if you’re in town for spring training, I highly recommend Cave Creek. It will be unforgettable,” Francia continued.
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