Brad Cesmat’s Baseball AZ: The Thumb

“When you drive by on the street, really, we look like a car wash or gas station, but when you walk through the front door, it’s a new experience altogether,” said Bill Cagle, assistant manager at The Thumb. “Our namesake is from The Thumb, Tom’s Thumb, which is a trailhead over on McDowell Mountain Range.”

The Thumb, formerly known as Tom’s Thumb Fresh Market, is a one-stop shop for spring training visitors in Scottsdale, Arizona.

“They can experience a one-stop shop from a gas station, car wash to gifts inside, beer, wine, great barbecue, great bakery, coffee in the morning, breakfast, lunch and dinner all day,” Cagle said.

“We’re probably known for our brisket,” Cagle said. “We smoke our meats anywhere from 12 to 14 hours before so the meat can come out soft and tender.

“The pulled pork is delicious, but beyond that we’re probably known for our Tom’s Brisket Stack, which is really our signature dish,” Cagle continued. “It’s cheesy homemade hash browns with chipotle aioli sauce over easy egg garnished with green onions.”

Some other hot items on the menu — The Thumb’s eight barbecue sauces.

“We go from the hottest index, Triple XXX, to what we call our infant or starter, which is our hickory,” Cagle said.

The coffee and baked goods are also a fan favorite.

“We have a bakery in house and our bakers are very talented and do baked goods every day,” Cagle said.

Customers can even purchase beer, wine and let’s not forget about those unique gifts they can get inside The Thumb.

“If you’re in town for spring training, why should you make a stop here? Number one, we have great barbecue,” Cagle said. “You’re going to be hungry and instead of eating those hot dogs at the game, come here and get some great pulled pork sandwiches or brisket sandwiches.

“Secondly, we’re very close to the Salt River Fields and you can come in here anytime,” he continued.

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