Brad Cesmat’s Baseball AZ: Scramble

 “This is the place to stop when you’re in town for spring training baseball,” said Chef Rick Moses at Scramble – a breakfast joint in Scottsdale.
Moses and his staff work hard every day to whip up some tasty dishes.
“The best part is we open at 6 a.m.,” Moses said. “So anyone coming in early before a game has a good place to come in [and eat].
“We’re part of a lot of people’s morning routines, which we love,” Moses continued. “You can build your own breakfast burritos. We have a few different traditional eggs Benedict-style things and all kinds of pancakes and lots of variety.”
Not only can spring training visitors choose from a variety of traditional breakfast dishes, vegan and gluten-free items are also on the menu.
“The breakfast pizzas I think are a big one for people because it’s an interesting concept,” Moses said. “You’re using hollandaise sauce instead of any type of tomato sauce.
“It’s got scrambled eggs on it, very filling, and we hand roll out the fresh dough every single day,” Moses continued.
“We have a variety of kids’ options from kids’ pancakes, kids’ French toast in smaller portions and they also get a juice with it.”
When it comes to drinks, smoothies and Bloody Marys top the list for many customers.
“I love seeing people enjoy the food that we make and I love holding my cooks to a standard to make everything really great,” Moses said. “I have a great staff back there and they help me out tremendously.”
The restaurant’s cozy atmosphere is also a big hit, especially when people are allowed to have their four-legged friends join them on the patio.
“It’s a wide-open kind of atmosphere,” Moses said. “The patio is great, especially in the spring and the winter, where it’s a nice warm Arizona day. It’s perfect for just relaxing and you can refill your coffee as many times as you want and things like that.”
If you happen to be checking out baseball games on the west side one day, Scramble – a breakfast joint has a spot near Seventh Street and Mountain View and both locations are also open for lunch.
“If you’re in a rush to get to the game, we can get your food up pretty quickly,” Moses said. “[The food is] hot, fresh and it’s also a unique experience.”
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