Greinke, Diamondbacks Look to Succeed By Keeping Things Simple

Zack Greinke and the Diamondbacks talk of Arizona as well as Major League baseball when is was made official that the two would be linking up for a long-term deal. On Friday, Greinke made his first appearance in front of the media as the 2016 season began with pitchers and catchers reporting on Wednesday.

The impressive righty is not a man of many words, especially in a public setting, but it is easy to see what has made him so successful to this point in his career which earned him one of the biggest contracts in baseball. His attention to detail and recollection of things he has done in the past are still clear as day to him. Most notably his desire for keeping things simple and playing fundamentally sound make it seem he will be a great match with the Diamondbacks.

Greinke spoke Friday about beginning spring training with the Diamondbacks plus his outlook this spring and the season ahead.