Basha’s Brown Eyeing State Title to Cap Off Two Sport Breakout Year

Coming into the 2015-16 season, the great size and talent on the inside for the Basha Bears was going to be one of the toughest challenges for other teams around Arizona. Even with Utah State signee Klay Stall out for the season, the Bears were still huge inside with Devin Kirby and Gabe McGlothan still in the lineup.

However, what teams may not have bargained for this season is the athleticism and length on the perimeter with Terrell Brown, Antwan Ross-Jones and Brennan Davis. This complete lineup with size and skill in multiple spots is a big reason for the Bears’ great push through the state tournament.

“Early on, everyone knew we had great big guys,” explained Head Coach Mike Grothaus. “We’ve just been waiting for our wings to step up and they’ve done a great job all year long working. Now they are showing they’ve got the experience and they are playing well for us.”

“We have a lot of side and a lot of athletic guards that can jump and are really fast and quick to get steals on defense to make plays on the offensive end,” mentioned Terrell Brown.

For Terrell Brown in particular, what a junior school year it has been for him. First, over 80 receptions and 1,000 yards plus 16 touchdowns on the football field for the Bears and then this winter, 11.1 points and 4.6 rebounds on the basketball court. Put the two together and Brown has been one of the top breakout performers across two sports this school year the state.

“It was a great football season with all my friends and then bringing it onto the basketball court with all my friends who I hang out with everyday, it’s been so fun,” stated Brown. “It was a great junior year.”

“He’s been remarkable for us,” added Coach Grothaus. “When you have a great kid like that, a great athlete, he could step on the baseball field right now and do that. You give him any type of ball and he’s going to do that. I mean, that’s just the kind of kid he is.”

Brown this football offseason received his first scholarship offer for football from NAU and mentions that the schools at the next level who have been in contact with him love the fact he competes at such a high level in two sports.

“They say they like my athleticism because I can play multiple sports,” explained Brown. “And they like how I can run and can jump and that I am durable.”

Brown and the Bears have a big test in the semifinals taking on Mesa for a shot at the state championship.

“When we run, I think we are unstoppable,” mentioned Brown. “When we run up and down the court, play defense and get steals, I don’t think anyone can beat us.”