More Offers Coming in for 2016 Prospects Including Two Receiving their First

On this edition of the Recruiting Roundup Powered by Rockin’ Refuel VarsityJared Cohen and Jason Jewell have up-to-date recruiting news around the class of 2016 with the more recent offers to players who will ultimately sign on the dotted line beginning in February. For two players mentioned, it was their first offers from the divisions I level. Plus, one of the top of the 2016 class announces a top-five with a school added who had once been rumored to being out of the mix.

Players mentioned: Steven Bailey – Centennial, Tyler Bruggman – Brophy – Scottsdale Community College, Austin Dixon – Corona del Sol, Josh Egbo – Highland, Tanner Hawthorne – Centennial, Connor Murphy – Brophy, Luke Rudolph – Horizon, Dustin Woodard – Chandler.

Schools mentioned: Alabama, Arizona State, Army, Boise State, Hawaii, Michigan, Mississippi Valley State, Montana, Montana State, Northern Arizona, Oregon, USC.