Jake Plummer Breaks Down Superman’s Skill-Set And Celebrations

The Arizona Cardinals have proved they can rise up to the occasion and limit opposing stars. However, the toughest challenge is ahead of them in trying to stop Carolina quarterback Cam Newton in the NFC Championship.

Former Cardinal and current NFL analyst Jake Plummer says the skill-set Cam possesses is unique to that of just…Cam.

“He is changing the way you view the quarterback position. (He’s) a big guy that can stand in the pocket but also lean on a defense and get four or five yards a pop and keep you on schedule,” Plummer said.

Plummer went on to make an interesting parallel between Newton and one of the most versatile athletes in all of spots.

“We’re not going to see another player like him maybe ever. I keep…likening him to Magic Johnson with what he did in the NBA and what he did to that point guard position. We haven’t seen anyone like Magic Johnson since Magic Johnson,” Plummer said. “Cam Newton is really superhuman out there on the field. It’s going to be fun to see what he does on the big stage.”

Can the Cardinals be Superman’s kryptonite? Plummer said it all depends on if they can get to, and wrap up, Newton in the backfield.

“That’s the main thing: that cardinals (defense) needs to get some plays behind the line of scrimmage, tackle well and keep (Carolina) in third and long and see if Cam can do it from the pocket,” Plummer said. “And if he does, the better player wins.”

Plummer went on to say he wishes he played with the fun-loving attitude Newton shows every single time he steps on the field, specifically his use of choreography when scoring a touchdown. Then, well, the segment took a turn.

Take a look.