ASU’s Kelly and Bercovici Get Snappy

There aren’t many bonds stronger on a football field than that between a quarterback and a center.

For ASU’s Mike Bercovici and Nick Kelly, this may be their first full season together on the field, but it has been a relationship built over the past few years.

A bond started on the scout and second teams has transferred to the starting lineup. The time the two have spent together developing their craft also created a friendship off the field…even to the point of sharing significant others.

“I’ll go over to his house sometimes. I will hang out with him in his room, he has a big ole room. And usually his girlfriend is over there. That’s my second girlfriend,” Kelly joked.

There is no doubting the duo’s affinity for one another. Bercovici says he trusts Kelly like he trusts his dad, but some say they are like an old married couple, bickering away before the snap.

“There will be 30 seconds in a game, and we will be screaming and yelling at each other before the snap, but it just brings us closer,” Bercovici said.

Despite their differences between plays, Kelly never snaps angry.

“If we are ever at point where I want to switch up a play because I see something in the defense where they are bringing pressure or something, I will turn to Berco and say ‘Hey, hey let’s switch this up’,….and we will get in a little dispute, but we’ll work it out in a quick second,” Kelly said. “We have a very good chemistry on how we play…I know how he wants to play it and how much he loves this game.”

Kelly and Bercovici will have one more opportunity to scrap with each other in the final game of their careers as the Sun Devils take on West Virginia in the Cactus Bowl on Saturday night.