Cardinals have Plenty to Prove vs Packers

Arizona Sports News online

Arians upsetI am not one to get too high or low off the regular season showing of an NFL team. Sure, the Cardinals have had a solid 14 weeks, but none of that matters if they flame out in the postseason. The expectations on the franchise should be the same as those in major NFL cities like New England, Pittsburgh, Seattle, and Denver. Cities that win consistently, don’t brag about regular season win totals. If the Cardinals want to be viewed as one of the elite franchises, then they have to accomplish MUCH more this season than just a NFC West title or host a playoff game or two. I believe that the makeup of this team is one that can play in the Super Bowl in February. Things like visiting fan bases coming to fill the stadium the next two weeks don’t concern me. Replacing Tyrann Mathieu is a real tangible issue, one that I don’t see happening as easily as “next man up”.  The color of jerseys in the stands don’t mean a thing when it comes to seeing if John Brown can return to catching footballs rather than the case of the drops that we saw the last week in Philadelphia. The kicker can’t doink one of the goalpost, a member of the secondary can’t have a couple of mental errors that result in long touchdowns(check the Philadelphia tape).

The truth is, the Cardinals haven’t played close to a clean game in a month. Sure, they’ve won, but in the playoffs the mistakes they’ve been making will get them beat. I want to see a complete performance the next two weeks. So should you…