Bledsoe Out for Season, Time for the Suns to Tank…

Arizona Sports News online

The Phoenix Suns next significant date on the schedule is May 17th, 2016. The day of the NBA Draft Lottery.

Tuesday the team received yet another uppercut to the jaw when it was learned that star guard Eric Bledsoe would miss the rest of the season with a knee injury. Bledsoe underwent arthroscopic left knee surgery earlier in the day to repair a torn meniscus.


The Bledsoe news comes on the heels of the firing of two assistant coaches on Jeff Hornaceks staff, the suspension of Markieff Morris, and the loss last Saturday night to a 1-win Philadelphia 76ers team. The Bledsoe injury opens up the question of whether the franchise will undergo another makeover of the roster. The Suns have missed the playoffs each of the last five seasons and usually draft somewhere near the bottom of the draft lottery. Tearing apart the current roster with the intent of finishing with one of the worst records so they have the BEST chance of gaining the top two or three draft pick should be the next conversation among Suns management. They will never admit to planning such a thing(they don’t have to). They are stuck in the ditch. No other way to put it.

Back to Bledsoe. He is only in the second year of a five year contract and is owed over 40-million dollars. Hard numbers to look at for a player who just underwent his third knee procedure.