Fabiano’s Fantasy Focus: Week 9, Volume I

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Every week during the season NFL Network and NFL.com Senior Fantasy Analyst Michael Fabiano joins Sports360AZ.com’s Brad Cesmat to share his insight on building and developing your fantasy team for success.

Here are some hi-lights from our most recent conversation (October 28th) with the Fantasy Sports Writer’s Association Hall of Famer.

Trade proposal: Carson Palmer and Amari Cooper for A.J Green and Melvin Gordon? “If [you’re] giving away Melvin Gordon in that deal, brilliant move because the Carson Palmer side of that deal is so much better.”

Are you confident Palmer will have continued success after the Week 9 bye against tougher teams? “He’s been good against just about everybody so far this season so I’m not worried about him. That offense in Arizona is really groovin’ right now. They’ve got great rhythm and at this point Carson Palmer is really matchup proof unless you have another elite quarterback on your roster…let’s be honest, how many elite quarterbacks are there in the league right now? Right now there are two guys in the elite quarterback category for me and neither one of them are named Andrew Luck. Carson Palmer’s been much better than Luck this year.”

Is history bound to repeat itself with Andy Dalton? “I still have a hard time trusting him because I know what he’s done in the past but he’s been great…he’s one of the three best players in fantasy football–how do you bench him? If I’ve got Dalton…and have some depth at quarterback make a trade. Why have good players on your bench if you can strengthen another position by giving someone else a player you’re not really using.”

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