All-Paradise Valley School District Teams for 2015 Fall Sports

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The following are those who have been named to the All-District Teams by the Paradise Valley Unified School District for 2015 fall sports.


Coach of the Year: Greg Davis – Paradise Valley

Offensive Player of the Year: Daniel Bridge-Gadd – Paradise Valley

Defensive Player of the Year: Justin Mandrola – Pinnacle

Offensive Lineman: Kent Cullumber – Pinnacle, Isiah Jones – Shadow Mountain, Luke Rudolph – Horizon, Devin Teed – Paradise Valley, Ben Thomas – Pinnacle.

Running Backs: Jared Beamon – Paradise ValleyDru Dixon – Pinnacle.

Wide Receivers/Tight Ends: Jacob Brown – Paradise Valley, Robbie Gerlinger – Horizon, John Okwoli – North Canyon, Jake Welsheimer – Shadow Mountain.

Quarterbacks: Darion Spottsville – Shadow Mountain, Spencer Rattler – Pinnacle.

Defensive Line: Manny Martinez – Paradise Valley, Austin Jackson – North Canyon, Jalen Scott – Shadow Mountain, Josh Stedman – Pinnacle.

Linebackers: Grayson Fattaleh – Paradise Valley, Nick Ferrara – Pinnacle, Tre O’Guinn – North Canyon, Denzel Williamson – Horizon.

Defensive Backs: Damond Brown – Paradise Valley, Jordan Delaney – Paradise Valley, Destin Nasr – Shadow Mountain, Kyle Sprenger – Horizon.

Specialists: Jeff McGuire – Pinnacle, Devin Moon – Paradise Valley, Mark Whitney – Shadow Mountain.

Honorable Mention: Jim Dragon – Paradise Valley, Patrick Harlan – Pinnacle, Tommy Rychener – Shadow Mountain, Noah Tardy – Horizon, Rhey Williams – North Canyon.


Cross Country:

Coach of the Year: Jason Scronic – North Canyon

All-PVUSD Girls: 

-Amber Kinnier, Paradise Valley

-Jenna Lee, Horizon

-Cassandra Ogburn, North Canyon

-Stefana Purkovic, North Canyon

-Taryn Super, Shadow Mountain

-Meagan Van Pelt, Shadow Mountain

-Kaylie Wagner, Horizon

Girls Honorable Mention: 

-Trista Brehm, North Canyon

-Kate Evans, Horizon

-Emma Page, Shadow Mountain

-Jessica Roberts, Pinnacle

-Amelia Scroggins, Paradise Valley

All-PVUSD Boys: 

-Jordan Crum, Shadow Mountain,

-Jackson Evans, Horizon

-Robby Foster, Shadow Mountain

-Robert Graham, Pinnacle

-Gerardo Quevedo, North Canyon

-Ian Tonemah, North Canyon

Honorable Mention Boys:

-Daniel Gidardo, Horizon

-Hunter Hicks, Shadow Mountain

-Julio Larios, North Canyon

-Cayden Slack, Pinnacle

-Grant Wallace, Paradise Valley



Coach of the Year: Janis Weinke, Shadow Mountain


-Venessa Hernandez, Paradise Valley

-Karlee Johnson, Pinnacle

-Maithili Khandekar, North Canyon

-Rebekah Martinovich, Shadow Mountain

-London McCormick, Pinnacle

-Barbra Micco, Horizon

Honorable Mention:

-Kaitlyn Cazier, Pinnacle

-Ariah Masters, Shadow Mountain

-Ramya Rameshkumar, North Canyon

-Meghna Tripathi, North Canyon



Girls Coach of the Year: Doug Honkamp, Horizon

All-PVUSD Girls:

-Faith D’ortenzio, Shadow Mountain

-Lindsi Delia, North Canyon

-Taylor Harvey, North Canyon

-Maryanna Jones, Horizon

-Sara Padilla, Pinnacle

-Ocean Pangan, Pinnacle

Honorable Mention Girls:

-Delaney Buck, Horizon

-Jordan Fife, Paradise Valley

-Madison Marker, North Canyon

-Cailee Straub, Pinnacle

-Vanessa Warner, Shadow Mountain

Boys Coach of the Year: Jason Jones, Horizon

All-PVUSD Boys:

-Davis Campbell, Shadow Mountain

-Alex Farrell, Paradise Valley

-Danny Johnson, Horizon

-Jacob Locker, Pinnacle

-Isaac Spillum, Pinnacle

-Sam Winer, Pinnacle

Honorable Mention Boys:

-Joe DiGiacomo, Shadow Mountain

-Nate Fisher, North Canyon

-Bryce Krautstruck, Paradise Valley

-Tyler Medina, Horizon

-Jack Seigel, Pinnacle



Girls Coach of the Year: Paige LaPorte, Pinnacle

All-PVUSD Girls:

-Maya Dye, Paradise Valley

-Kennedy Forbes, Pinnacle

-Hayley Hill, Pinnacle

-Grace LaPorte, Pinnacle

-Gabby Lizzul, Pinnacle

-Grace Robinson, Pinnacle

-Zoe Rosin, Pinnacle

-Isabel Whited, Pinnacle

-Alyson Yancy, Pinnacle

Honorable Mention Girls:

-Emmah Taylor – Horizon

Boys Coach of the Year: Jeff Stiles, Paradise Valley

All-PVUSD Boys:

-Aaron Apel, Pinnacle

-Kaleb Gould, Horizon

-Cameron Heidenreich, Horizon

-James Hughes, Pinnacle

-Ryan Klein, Pinnacle

-Matthew Mai, Pinnacle

-Christian Manicki, Horizon

-Ben Olszewski, Horizon

-Dalton Reip, Horizon

-Kyle Shillinburg, Horizon

-Maxwell Wehner, Horizon

Honorable Mention Boys:

-Ryan Neill, Pinnacle



Coach of the Year: Valorie McKenzie, Horizon


-Tori Anderson, Horizon

-Jenea Bibby, Shadow Mountain

-Erin Clark, Horizon – District Most Valuable Player

-Danielle Hinz, Pinnacle

-Kaisa Michaels, Pinnacle

-Ashley Person, Horizon

-Gianna Pesognelli, Pinnacle

-Karen Scanlon, Horizon

Honorable Mention:

-Michelle Boskovski, Paradise Valley

-Indigo Elmore, Horizon

-Jenna Knight, Pinnacle

-Kate Pruedhomme, Shadow Mountain

-Ashlee Ruehs, North Canyon

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