Owens Adjusted Role to Impact Mountain Pointe Defense

Last season for the Mountain Pointe Pride, Vavrix Owens had a breakout year as a junior making play after play on defense coming off the edge and in the opposing offense’s backfield.

This year as a senior, the Pride needed speed and athleticism in the middle of their defense so Owens was moved into the box and is now making even more of an impact for this team.

“It’s just what the team needed,” Owens told Sports360AZ.com after the Pride’s Ahwatukee Bowl win over Desert Vista on Thursday night. “The coaches asked me to play in the box this year and I was happy to do it. I am all about the team. Whatever we’ve got to do to win, I’m going to do it.”

Owens is among the team’s leaders in tackles and coming into the game against the Thunder, lead the Pride in tackles for loss. He is proving he can be a ball hawk moving lateral to make plays all over the field while still doing what he does best which is attacking the quarterback.

“I’m really just doing my job,” he explained. “Keeping my boys in check, leading the team. I take pride in my leadership.”

Owens has had plenty of leaders to look up to over the last few years since first stepping foot on campus at Mountain Pointe. Especially on defense. He says there have been plenty of attributes that make up a good leader that he is applying now that he is in that role.

“Just to make sure you lead through adversity,” Owens said of what he’s learned. “Don’t ever give up on your teammates and make sure they know that you’re ready to go. Then you’re team will be ready to go.”

When the AIA rankings came out for the first time this past week, it named Hamilton number one, Chandler two and Mountain Pointe three based on the power points. With Hamilton being ranked at the top and Chandler being the defending champs, there is the feeling that people could be overlooking another undefeated team there in the mix. Owens says they wouldn’t have it any other way.

“That’s ok because we’re never a team that cares about rankings,” Owens stated. “We’re the team that comes out and will show you what we can do on the field.”