New Address, No Regrets: Ironwood Ridge Senior Thriving

Harrison Beemiller’s selflessness stretches far past the football field.

Sure the 6′, 190-pound Tucson Ironwood Ridge senior does a little bit of everything as a standout cornerback, wide receiver and part-time quarterback for the 6-2 Nighthawks but a couple of years ago he first put his real family before his football family.

“My dad’s job, he got relocated down to Tucson,” the former Hamilton Husky told after rushing for two key touchdowns in Ridge’s 35-24 comeback win over Marcos de Niza Friday. “He said, ‘Do you want to stay? I can turn it down.’  I said ‘No, I’ll go down there.'”

A year and a half later the ‘Hawks are happy he did.

“Just a great kid,” head coach Matt Johnson explained to of his two-way star and senior leader. “He’s got a 3.5 [GPA] in honors classes…he’s what the rest of the population would call a nerd (smiling).”

It’s a claim the grounded, well-spoken Beemiller doesn’t just deny, he embraces.

“My parents are always on me to get it done in the classroom so I have to respect what they say,” he said. “Ultimately it’s what gets me places. Football isn’t the only thing in the world. I’ve got to get it right in the classroom.”

His efforts on the field and with his studies have drawn the interest of West Point Academy. Beemiller already has an offer from Colorado School of Mines.

This time of year there isn’t much time for relaxation but he does find small opportunities to unplug.

“When I do have some free time I’m kinda tired,” he explained with a wry grin. “I just sit back, relax and watch some Netflix. I just hang out.”

As the past has proven whether it be in Phoenix or Tucson, Beemiller’s time never stands still.

He doesn’t know it any other way.