Suffering Personal Loss has Saguaro’s Brandt Casey Paying it Forward

For the last two years, the Saguaro High School football program raises money for a scholarship that they award to a player that exhibits stellar play and also character both on and off the field. This scholarship in particular was started at Horizon High School where Steve Casey once coached. It’s a scholarship given in the name of his son Shem who was once a Husky safety but passed away at the age of 19.

Four years later Shem’s youngest brother Brandt went into his junior year at Saguaro. The Casey family, since Steve was let go from Horizon, kept its’ spirit alive by continuing it at Saguaro and adding former Equipment Manager Mike “Tug” Garcia’s name to it as well after he passed away last year.

The story of how all of this scholarship came to be and how much it has impacted Brandt, who is a 2015 team captain for the Sabercats as a junior, is what has molded him into the player and the person that he has become today.