Sun Devil Hot Seat: Simone and Bercovici Take Over The Brad Cesmat Show

So Brad Cesmat on his daily show sits down with ASU senior Jordan Simone at Pac-12 Media Days with Mike Bercovici coming up after. Brad asks Jordan who the most famous person he’s met there in Los Angeles and without hesitation, Simone says “Mike Bercovici.” Went on to say he got his autograph on his chest but it would not be appropriate for him to show that on the live stream.

So Brad decides, that Jordan would be better suited to interview Berco than Brad would be seeing as they are roommates and all. So check out the hard pressing one-on-one interview between Jordan Simone and Mike Bercovici as we find out the real questions about ASU football going into the 2015 season which includes a cameo from a former Heisman Trophy Winner…

As Jordan says, “Thanks for stopping by San Diego!”