Screams from my living room, Phoenix strong World Cup ratings

Arizona Sports News online

Sunday afternoon I heard screams coming from my wife and two daughters in our living room. Carli Lloyd had started her onslaught of goals and the USA Women were on their way to the World Cup title. In 1999, there was a much different feel about the USA beating Japan than what happened in Canada on Sunday.
In 1999 Mia Hamm, Brandi Chastain, Julie Foudy and others won on American soil at the Rose Bowl. The nation accepted that Title 9 was a good thing(though many college mens coaches privately disagreed). Soccer girls from that generation finally had someone to look up to and a goal to shoot for.
The TV numbers here in Phoenix for Sundays match were VERY strong. 14.5 rating, 28 share, peaked at 18.6. I am sure that we will have girls and boys named Carli and Lloyd over the next few years from soccer parents.
Being a dad of a college soccer player, I see my own daughters passion for the game continue to grow in a good way. She watched every USA match, something that she doesn’t do for any other sport on television. She has thoughts and opinions on the players, coaches, and tactics of the game.
It’s cool that our country has the best collection of players in the world.  It’s cool to hear your family screaming with glee at the TV over a sporting event…