Satterwhite Siblings Suffer Knee Injuries, #Promise To Return Better Than Ever

Arizona Sports News online

Gilbert Christian guard and Colorado Buffalo commit Cameron Satterwhite suffered a knee injury Friday night in a club basketball game for AZ Power in Las Vegas.

According to his mother, Inger, who is a nurse, Cameron landed awkwardly after a contested dunk.

“When he came down, it looked like his right toe kind of stopped on the floor while the rest of his body was moving. He kind of landed like a flamingo,” she said.  “He immediately grabbed his knees…they came out there and tried to help him up, and once he was up and fell again.”

It is still not yet determined the extent of the injury, and according to his mother, Cameron is currently on crutches and will have multiple doctors appointments over the next week.

A potentially serious injury can rock a family’s world.

And it must seem like déjà vu for the Satterwhites.

Cameron’s sister, Lauryn, who averaged 15 points per game in her sophomore year at Gilbert Christian, suffered a torn ACL on June 27th while playing with Arizona Select club basketball. She will also be having her own appointments over the coming days. Despite the injury, she has still traveled with her club team to Washington D.C. and Charlotte this month.  The support for these siblings has been overwhelming from the Gilbert Christian community.

“It’s just refreshing. It’s great to see that both Lauryn and Cameron just have such strong faith that they just know everything happens for a reason. Lauryn is still supporting her team and cheering them on,” Inger said.  “It sucks that she can’t play, but she’s still a part of the team. Cameron feels the same way: he is going to do what he can do from the sidelines.”

The University of Colorado has also reached out to support the Satterwhites.

“Head basketball coach Tad Boyle called Cameron last night and let him know that Colorado is 100% behind him for him to listen to the doctor, take it easy, do what he needs to do to get better.  Once he gets on to campus, it is going to open himself to a whole other level of training and rehab.”

And both Cameron and Lauryn are finding positives in their difficult situations.

“It’s funny though because Cameron, although he messed up his knee, was happy it wasn’t his what is called his ‘explosion knee’. It’s not the one he goes off on. He is still thinking about his dunks. It’s his non-dominant leg,” Inger said.  “He is going to come back stronger, Lauryn feels the same way. She told Cameron she is coming back dunking. They are just trying to stay positive.”