MLB Insider on Patrick Corbin Return: “This is a Really Big Deal”

The time has finally arrived and after missing over a year of action, Arizona Diamondbacks starter Patrick Corbin is set to make is 2015 season debut after missing all of 2014 after having Tommy John Surgery.

Corbin broke into the national spotlight with the D-Backs in 2013 throwing over 200 innings, going 14-8 with a 3.41 ERA. He was one of the most promising pieces for the organization heading into 2014.

“People love the side of the mound he throws from,” Jesse Sanchez of the MLB Network told “But one thing that I’ve really noticed other than having a good fastball and a good breaking ball, is he was really aggressive. He is not afraid to come inside, he is not afraid to challenge hitters. He’s fearless on the mound.”

“He reminds me of a guy like Daniel Hudson,” he added. “They take control of that mound. Yes Corbin is a young player, he’s a young guy, but when hitters step into that batters box, that batters box belonged to him.”

But during the spring of 2014, it was found that he had that tear in the UCL in his elbow which required the surgery that would keep him out over a year. He has rehabbed, he has worked himself back into shape in the Arizona League as well as in the D-Backs minor to the point where he is ready for the call up. 

Sanchez mentions however if the grand continues with pitchers who have gone through this, expect there to be some hiccups. 

“He was one of the young talented arms at that time and we are going to see how he does coming back from Tommy John,” Sanchez explained. “We I do expect is for the velocity to be there but at the same time, if he is like every other player coming back from Tommy John, there will eventually be some control issues as he works his way back.”

“Rarely will guys come back from Tommy John and be the same exact guy immediately,” he mentioned. “But I do expect him to perform well when he gets here.”

What Corbin has going for him is that he is just 25 years old and is a great athlete having played multiple sports, like basketball, at a high level growing up. His athleticism along with his youth could be a big aid for him as he rounds himself into form.

“I don’t think any of his athletic history is going to work against him,” stated Sanchez. “He’s a gamer man and it shows! He’s aggressive and you can imagine if he played basketball or he played any different sports, that he had that mentality and he had that veracity like he takes it to the mound here. I think it is going to help him just being a good athlete, the work ethic, knowing what it takes the rebound.”

This week he is set to make his much anticipated return to the mound this weekend against the Colorado Rockies.

“Fans should be excited to see Patrick Corbin come back,” said Sanchez. “This is a big deal. This is a really big deal.”