2015 Division III & IV Arizona All-Academic Baseball Team

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Based on the nominations from Coaches, Athletic Directors, school faculty and members of the Arizona High School Softball community, we introduce the 2015 Arizona All-Academic Baseball Team for Division III-IV spotlighting the best the state has to offer both on the diamond as well as in the classroom. 


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First Team:

C: Eric Bohrer, So, Scottsdale Prep, 4.5 GPA

IF: Aaron Noller, So, Pusch Ridge, 4.45 GPA 

IF: Kyon Cluff, Jr, Florence, 4.29 GPA

IF: Grant Goodman, Jr, Northwest Christian, 4.27 GPA

IF: Camron White, Sr, Desert Christian, 4 GPA

OF: Buddy Wagoner, Sr, Holbrook, 4.16 GPA 

OF: Jerek Bernhardt, So, Combs, 4.16 GPA

OF: Drew Inness, Jr, Northwest Christian, 4.29 GPA

DH: Derek Pacheco, Sr, Ray, 4.0 GPA

P: Luke Haines, Sr, Pusch Ridge, 4.66 GPA

P: Bret Malkin, Jr, Scottsdale Prep, 4.6 GPA

P: Hunter Paul, So, Payson, 3.94 GPA

Second Team:

C: Bailey Flansburg, Sr, Valley Christian, 3.96 GPA

IF: Michael Antonio, Fr, San Carlos, 3.91 GPA

IF: Phillip Lewis, Jr, PCDS, 3.9 GPA

IF: Kyron Woolf, So, Round Valley, 3.81 GPA

IF: Brandon Jaime, Fr, Antelope, 3.8 GPA 

OF: Hibram Sanchez, Jr, San Miguel, 3.83

OF: Collin Ledbetter, Sr, Northwest Christian, 3.81 GPA

OF: Yash Muley, Jr, PCDS, 3.7 GPA

DH: Carl Adcock, Jr, Payson, 3.72 GPA

P: Matt Rosenthal, Jr, PCDS, 3.7 GPA

P: Andrew Vizzera, Sr, San Miguel, 3.67 GPA

P: Bailey Anderson, Sr, Gilbert Christian, 3.66 GPA

Honorable Mention:

Jake Huey, Jr, Northwest Christian, 3.66 GPA

Quinn Hunter, Jr, Northwest Christian, 3.65 GPA

Clayton Merrill, Jr, Round Valley, 3.6 GPA

Jimmy White, Sr, Gilbert Christian, 3.55 GPA

Riley Nelson, Jr, Valley Christian, 3.55 GPA

Steve Butts, Sr, Northwest Christian, 3.51 GPA

Ethan Hale, Sr, Round Valley, 3.5 GPA

Tyler Williams, Sr, Kellis, 3.5 GPA

Derek Middlebrooks, So, Valley Christian, 3.49 GPA

Jordan Flores, Jr, Kellis, 3.48 GPA

Spencer Coffin, Jr, Chino Valley, 3.46 GPA

Jake Beeler, So, Payson, 3.41 GPA

Alijah Gammage, Fr, Valley Christian, 3.41 GPA

Josh Redfern, Sr, Chino Valley, 3.40 GPA

Ethan Dewit, Jr, Valley Christian, 3.37 GPA

Jose Martinez, So, San Miguel, 3.33 GPA

Marco Cota, Sr, San Miguel, 3.3 GPA

Maclovio Miranda, Sr, Central, 3.26 GPA

Christian Sanchez, Sr, Valley Christian, 3.23

Cole Schneider, Sr, Antelope, 3.2 GPA

Seth Casillas, Sr, Round Valley, 3.2 GPA

Aaron Mendoza, So, San Miguel, 3.17 GPA

Serio Santa Cruz, Fr, San Miguel, 3.0 GPA