Red Quarters: A Community’s Journey To A State Title

Produced by Jourdan Rodrigue & Jordan Hamm

For Dobson High School girls basketball head coach Tyler Dumas, a 60-5 record in two years and a 2015 Division-I State Championship is not about the win-loss column. 

It’s about the work in between. 

The program at Dobson, built up under Dumas and his assistant coaches over the last decade, is a formidable one: Use the kids the community provides — even if it’s a struggling one. 

Play hard. Work harder. Be a good student. Give back to your community. Graduate. 


The latter comes last in Dumas’ mantra; but after two state championships in 10 years (Dobson High School only has five total), the school and its populace has rallied around each group of players and their coaching staff to create something truly special. 

But that didn’t come from the wins. 

It came from the work. 

Dumas gives everything he has to each class of students that passes through his program, from basketball knowledge to the parental guidance they may sometimes lack in their lives, and they give it right back. 

It’s about the investment and the growth, not the result. 

It’s about the real thing, not the “red quarters”.   


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