2015 Boys Division I Arizona All-Academic Soccer Team

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Based on the nominations from coaches, athletic directors and members of the Arizona high school soccer community, we introduce the 2015 Arizona All-Academic Boys Soccer Team for Division I, spotlighting the best the state has to offer both on the soccer field as well as in the classroom.

First Team All-Academic Soccer 2015: 

Karim Mardambek, Senior, Highland – 4.7 GPA

Johnathan Herzog, Sr, Millennium – 3.86 GPA

Peysen Webster, Junior, Highland – 4.2 GPA

Matt Kowalski, Senior, Gilbert – 4.27 GPA

Colton Kimbell, Senior, Ironwood – 4.0 GPA

Matthew Fisher, Senior, Basha – 4.4 GPA

Cutter Zaugg, Junior, Highland – 4.23 GPA

Dylan Fedor, Senior – Gilbert – 4.27 GPA

Leighton Bayola, Junior, Highland, 4.2 GPA

Adalberto Garza, Senior, Highland, 4.2 GPA

Chris Boyd, Junior, Highland, 4.0 GPA

Honorable Mention:

Benny Meza, Senior, Alhambra, 3.595 GPA

Jules Pacifique, Senior, Alhambra, 3.357 GPA

Josias Ortiz, Senior, Alhambra, 3.133 GPA

Austin Wagner, Senior, Highland – 3.0 unweighted

Angelo Effio, Senior, Highland – 3.7 GPA

Spencer Turley, Senior, Highland – 3.0 unweighted GPA

Raphaello Colasito, Junior, Highland, 3.5 GPA

Tyler Barmore, Junior, Basha, 3.62 GPA

Carter Rumsey, Junior, Chandler, 4.0 GPA

Andrew Layton, Senior, Chandler, 3.75 GPA

Don Tchilao, Senior, 3.93 GPA