Ownership “Pumped” for 2015 United SC

Arizona Sports News online

Year two for Arizona United SC started on Monday with a training session at Phoenix College. 34 players went through a two hour workout. “We are excited, we are pumped up”, Owner Kyle Eng said, as he watched from the sideline.

There is positive momentum from top to bottom around the organization.All of the home matches this coming season will be played at Scottsdale Stadium, which is more centrally located than Peoria Sports Complex where the 2014 season was played.Adidas has signed on with the franchise which is something that can be used as a recruiting tool to potential players. It also speaks to the credibility of the franchise that a company like Adidas would want to be the apparel provider.Without any offseason marketing, season ticket sales went from 100 to 600. Next week an aggressive marketing campaign will be put into action

United SC has formed an affiliation with FC Dallas which will add to the credibility of the franchise moving forward.
The team will travel to Dallas this Saturday and scrimmage FC Dallas next Tuesday and follow that up with a scrimmage at SMU.
Back in the Valley, United SC will scrimmage Phoenix College and Grand Canyon University in the next month.