No Sun in Sight…

Arizona Sports News online

Anger has given way to apathy. The Suns could trade Goran Dragic or Isiah Thomas by next weeks trading deadline and it will barely cause a ripple in the Arizona sports scene.
Last time I checked, our once proud NBA franchise has missed the playoffs four straight seasons.  With a fifth year looking on the outside appearing more and more likely. Anyone care? 

5 of the last 6 seasons the Phoenix Suns have missed the playoffs, a feat that they last accomplished in the early 1970’s. This is acceptable?
There is so little outrage about the lack of putting out a playoff caliber product, it’s embarrassing. 

A year ago there was this narrative floating around that the Suns had finally broken through and were the surprise of the NBA. A year later, nothing has really changed. The team doesn’t have a superstar, does have a bunch of role players, has more questions than answers, and will likely launch one of their guards.

If I am GM. Len, Bledsoe, and Dragic make my roster to build a title contending team. The rest of the current cast of characters can be moved. Missing the playoffs year after year has turned the Suns into something to do to fill space until school is out. Who would’ve thought that five years ago?