Fitz contract extension makes $ents…

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Good for Larry Fitzgerald!!

That was my first thought when I heard that he is going to keep playing in Arizona. When you can take a pay cut and still make 11-million dollars per season, life aint bad.
Keeping players past their prime doesn’t always end well. The NFL can be especially brutal with the salary cap, where the term “cap casualty” is common in the industry.
Does he think that the best chance to win a Super Bowl is here in Arizona?
Did he want to remain in the same city as his two kids?
Did he feel a loyalty to the Bidwill family for their years of taking care of him in the League?
All of the above are good reasons to stay, but I think Fitzgerald is savvy enough to know that his best days after football can be had right here in Arizona.
For the Cardinals, the business side of Larry Fitzgerald isn’t going to go away after he retires. One day he will be elected into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. There is HUGE value in that to any franchise.
There is no reason to get worked up over the Cardinals dropping $11M a year on one of their all-time greats even if his best days are behind him.