The 2014-15 All-CUSD Boys and Girls Golf Teams

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On Thursday, the Chandler school district announced their all-district performers for Boys and Girls golf, plus the player and coaches of the year, for the 2014-15 season. The honorees are below:

All-CUSD Boys Golf 2014-15

Player of the Year: Jino Sohn, Hamilton

Jack McDevitt, Hamilton
Kevin Yu, Hamilton
Thomas Avant, Hamilton
Michael Marreel, Hamilton
Mason Andersen, Basha
Brad Pottle, Perry
Brady Hatten, Perry

Boys Coach of the Year: Steve Kanner, Hamilton

All-CUSD Girls Golf 2014-15:

Player of the Year: Hannah Li, Hamilton

Ellie Porman, Chandler
Megan Liborio, Basha
Brooke Breland, Basha
Jacqueline Palmer, Hamilton

Girls Coach of the Year: Ron Tanner, Chandler

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