Chase Cord Mature Beyond his Years for Sunrise Mountain

A sophomore playing quarterback at the varsity level quite frankly is supposed to look like a deer in headlights. That is not the case however for Sunrise Mountain’s sophomore signal caller, Chase Cord.

Cord played seven of the Mustangs 10 games last season as a freshman and entered week one of the 2014 season looking like a seasoned vet, throwing for 255 yards and three touchdowns while also running for two in Sunrise Mountain’s opening week, 38-30 win over Ironwood.

“I believe in my guys,” Cord said. “With the receiving core, a lot of seniors, there is a lot of talent. And with hard work on and off the field, it brings it all together and it brings my belief in the team up.”

“He is way more mature than a sophomore,” added Sunrise Mountain head coach James Carter. “He is a leader on and off the field. He’s got poise, character, and the kids play for everybody. They love each other.”

Cord and the Mustangs got off to a slow start, especially offensively in their opening game of the season. Cord relied on a familiar face, his older brother Brennon, to make some catches to get the offense in a rhythm.

“I like targeting him,” Cord mentioned. “It’s always cool, the brother connection.”

Older brother Brennon is a senior tight end on the team this brother connection goes back a long way.

“We played seasons back when we were younger, like six to ten years old,” Cord explained. “We have always had that brother connection, that quarterback to receiver kind of thing and it’s cool knowing it’s my last season with him and I can get him the ball. I can show people that he can do something and he can help me out too.”

Cord makes plays with his arm as well as with his legs while running the offense for the Mustangs. He really turned some heads during passing league tournaments over the summer and has carried that momentum into the fall. The head turning has led to some elevated recruiting for the young quarterback.

“It’s really motivating me,” he said. “I know that I have people looking at me and there is no time to slack off. I try to keep all of that out of my mind and keep my teammates in my mind.”

Sunrise Mountain now 1-0 on the season and will take on Shadow Ridge for their 2014 home opener next week.