Your social media is ruining my sports

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In a couple of days my alarm will go off long before the rest of my neighborhood.

I’ll surely feel like I hadn’t slept more than five minutes and stumble around my pitch-black bedroom half awake until the hot water of the shower brings me to my senses.

After a near one-hour drive to the east Valley I’ll jump on a plane for another three and then drive another two across the midwest just to attend a single sporting event.

One you most likely don’t even care about and will be quick to address with a snarky comment because it doesn’t involve one of your teams.

The lasting memories I’ll take away from seeing my alma mater TCU play in the College World Series with my soon-to-be-wife will far outweigh the steep cost of the trip and my lack of sleep along the way.

Herein lies the problem.

Social media has changed the way we watch, follow and interact with sports.

Twitter, Facebook and other outlets serve as a platform for the occasional great debate but mostly just tired narratives in our ‘me-first’ world where we’re much quicker to criticize than complement or even simply ignore.

Martin Kaymer’s historical performance in the US Open will remembered by golf purists as one of the best trio of rounds in a Major Championship, while casual fans simply demeaned the accomplishment because the headliner wasn’t Tiger or Phil.

Hell hath no armchair quarterback fury like the one spewed in the direction of Lebron James during the NBA Finals. From ‘cramp-gate’ to other needless finger-pointing and drivel comparing James to Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and others. I don’t need your 140-character scouting report on James’ “failures” and tired comparisons to players from different eras.

The World Cup is in a league by itself when it comes to public opinion.

Is this what sports has come to?

It’s time I, we, me, us all get over it and move on.

Believe it or not, the NFL isn’t for everyone and mainstream society needs to quit high-browing others for their athletic viewing decisions. Just because said television ratings may be low in Arizona doesn’t mean that particular sport isn’t followed and loved in different markets.

Sports can be filled with memories which can last a lifetime.

It’s time to stop trying to ruin those for everybody else.