Long-time NBA insider Chris Sheridan believes the Suns made a big mistake at the trade deadline, Dbacks analyst Tom Candiotti talks about Archie Bradley’s debut + ‘Talk to the ‘Lopes

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SheridanHoops.com Publisher Chris Sheridan (13:13 on podcast) talked about where the Suns stand in the Western Conference playoff race and why Ryan McDonough made a big mistake at the recent trade deadline. Plus, a preview of Tuesday’s game against the Clippers and why LeBron James should be allowed to do what he wants this weekend. Diamondbacks analyst Tom Candiotti (25:34 on podcast) says phenom Archie Bradley’s stuff reminds him of Roger Clemens. Plus, ‘Talk to the ‘Lopes” (39:12 on podcast) and ASU looks to improve their NCAA positioning playing Oregon in Eugene tonight.